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Littlefield Blowers is literally a one stop shop for all your supercharging needs from the manifold to injector. No matter what your application from a Top Fuel dragster to a carbureted street rod, Littlefield can not only supply all the parts you need but also give expert advice on how to apply them. Contact Mert or one of his expert staff and join the thousands of satisfied Littlefield customers.

Superchargers 4-71 to 16-71 - Blower Manifolds for every application - Blower Belts - Blower Pulleys 1/2 & 8 MM - Idler Pulleys - V-Groove Pulleys - Retro Plates - Blower Snouts - Carb Adapters - Linkage for all applications - Idler Brackets - Burst Panels - Gaskets - Stud Kits - Stripping Material - Lapping Plates & Much More.


Enderle Big & Ugly - The Ultimate Fuel Injection System
We carry a full line of Enderle Fuel Injection Applications


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